ScoutingZone® & EDP Soccer Announce Partnership

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Collegiate scouts attending EDP Showcase events will now be able to more efficiently get the information they need as a result of a new partnership between EDP and ScoutingZone®, the leading online recruitment software.

Through ScoutingZone®, college coaches can organize their schedules, tag and make notes on prospective college athletes, share that information with other  coaches in their program, and have real-time access to player and game information, ensuring they will not miss out on seeing the player that will make a difference to their program.

Founded by former Division I soccer players Tara Parker and Brooke Kentera, ScoutingZone® was created with first-hand knowledge of the recruiting process. The software is designed to help provide players the opportunity for greater exposure, by making the college scouts’ job a lot simpler.

A feature that college coaches love is compliance integration. ScoutingZone® seamlessly integrates with NCAA compliance systems through an export that is provided after every showcase. Compliance is necessary by making the college coach’s job easier off the field, so they can focus on the players and building the very best teams for their programs.

 “EDP is committed to helping youth players graduate into higher education. We believe  a partnership with ScoutingZone® will assist those youth players that want to go on to play in college accomplish their goal.” said EDP President Alan Shilling.

EDP believes that every player in our youth soccer leagues and tournaments should have the opportunity to attend college.  Our ‘Pathway to College’ program is the realization of that belief and supports all players, regardless of ability on the field, in their own personal pathway to college.

“Through this partnership, EDP has solidified a partnership with a company that shares its vision in helping players reach their higher education goals by connecting them with the colleges and  universities best suited to their needs,” said Shilling. “By providing software that connects players to college coaches directly, EDP hopes to make finding the right school a simpler, more informed process for players and parents.”


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