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EMAIL: Send an authentic, genuine email to every school on your top list telling them why you are interested in their school; written by YOU, not your parents and making sure it’s personalized for that specific school/program.

Create your game plan based on your top list and email often – the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Too much is never enough. Keep a history of your email communication to each coach/school in email folders and respond to your original email each time so they are familiar with your persistence.

Incl your Name, Grad Year, Club Team

Upcoming Tournament Schedule – let them know where you will be playing this summer

Always insert your SZ Personalized Weblink

Follow-Up in an email after tournaments

Send video clips, full matches or info for coaches to watch virtually pre & post event (your SZ profile will hold unlimited video footage)

Sample Email Below….

PICK UP THE PHONE: After June 15th of your sophmore year (summer before your Junior year) – 2-way communication is permitted

Coaches have different preferred methods of communication – text, phone, email; ask them!

DON’T BE AFRAID OF HEARING “NO”: No doesn’t have a be a negative thing. Hearing “No” helps you through the recruiting process and gives clarity on what a true “yes” is. Also helps to move through your top list and narrow down the “right” fit for you.