Benefits for scouts

ScoutingZone® is a cutting-edge mobile app that is changing the recruiting game for soccer tournaments, scouts, and players. The innovation that our tools provide takes scouting to new levels, making it easier and more efficient than ever before by streamlining the on-site scouting experience at tournaments and showcase events. ScoutingZone® provides a comprehensive, "virtual" database of player profiles where both soccer scouts and athletes will maximize their opportunities to find the perfect match.

Scouts can use the app to maintain a personal database of players while easily taking notes and privately rating them. They can flag new players they are interested in and communicate with or follow them on social media in real-time. Scouts will be able to view tournament schedules and search for specific players so that they can create and customize their schedules prior to and during tournaments. In addition, ScoutingZone® can easily be exported into NCAA compliance software.